REBIRTH Book One by Corbin Dailey

An ancient evil has plotted for many years, and the time has finally arrived for the Plan to play out.
Maria Myers, is the focal point of this Plan. It begins, simply enough, with the job of her dreams.
All the luxuries of life are handed to Maria by her new employer. Along with these gifts she meets the man she’ll be working with, to whom she feels an instant attraction.
Her innocence is the very thing the evil depends on, for this is what helps unravel Maria’s life, assisting the evil with its own destiny.
When a dire warning is delivered to Maria, her innocence and optimism blind her to the growing threats around her.
The Plan begins to unravel around her, pulling her down a long, narrow path of darkness. A darkness from which there is no return

Now I must admit I am reading this right now.  I Love this book.  The ONLY reason it isn’t done is because for some reason every time I put a book in my hands the phone rings, company shows up, constantly disturbed and I have kids in ball 6 days a week. But with that being said….The review is almost done and honestly I’m anxious. Because  book is almost done….ugh….I already want more!  I will not give away spoilers to the book so stay tunned for the review later on this week.   Also must give a big Kudo’s to Corbin for being a Hoosier!  And for going to Southmont.  You are living proof good things come from Southmont.Corbin


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