Ride for a Cure by N.C. Winters

It’s almost love at first sight when a chance encounter at a local bakery, called Sweet Treats, brings Grayson James in close proximity with the woman who may change his life forever – Tanley West. Looking to place a large order for his charitable event, Grayson isn’t prepared for the connection he feels with the beautiful woman across the counter. Tanley has never been much for the dating scene, but this might all change when she lays eyes on the handsome cowboy. His very presence nearly brings her to her knees. Taking his order proves to be more complicated than she bargained for, as she tries to keep her composure on the outside when she’s all but swooning on the inside. Somehow, she manages to get through the ordeal – that is until one text message changes everything… True love and a happily-ever-after may be the frosting on the cake for this baker, but only if she’s brave enough to reach out and grab it with both hands.

review I cannot express the feelings I have for this book. This book respresents that one fantasy man we all had or we even married. With every turn of this book I had memories and smiles. THAT IS WHAT REAL LOVE STORIES are supposed to do. Then she added in a real life “Cause” “Ride for a Cure”, which is known in other states by different names. This is a book that was refreshing because there were no vulgar words, the love making was real! It was things that real human beings do. We may not have met a man that had that much money (oh I wish for a cowboy like that) but that was a symbolism for me. A symbolism of all the things that a man wants to do for you. I would say that Ms. Winters is a fantastic writer. Using fantasy of meeting a cowboy and falling in love right away (like a normal woman does) and realizing that sometimes our dreams really weren’t ours that was meant for us. Love happens when we least expect it. She NAILED real life and fantasy on the head. SHE MADE US AWARE of a cause that we should get involved with whether it be purchasing something for the cause or donating. Thank you Ms.. Winters for reminding me of my cowboy and educating me of a great cause. This book was fast paced and fun. This is What I would call a True Love Story

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