Self-Aware: A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist! by STEVEN WOLFF

During the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, a mutated strain of the zombie virus created a new type of zombie with the ability to regenerate skin and bone tissue back to normal. They walk, talk, and look human, but in order to survive and maintain their appearance, they must feed on another human once every three days. However, how does a zombie who looks human – survive in a lawless, savage, zombie post-apocalyptic world while trying to convince other humans they’re on their side (when they really just want to eat them)? This is the story told through the eyes of one such zombie… one who is self-aware.

I received this book for an honest review.
This book gives new meaning to Zombies. The characters in this book Stephanie and Brittany were so flawlessly written. The ride was so intense that I was on a emotional roller coaster. Mr. Wolff breathes new life into the age old regular “Zombies” that we are used to. His writings put you into the skin of the characters and the smell of the surroundings. I was so drawn in on this storyline that when I put the book down I expected the surroundings from the book to be what I saw. I was very disappointed that it was just my house.! There is nothing old age about his writings. I will admit that some of the book was very descriptive and gory but it’s what happens when you are writing realistic horror. Zombies and Gore go hand in hand. This was not a “stale” read and kept my interest at every turn of the page. I didn’t feel like this was a seen it, read it before story. He kept the characters fresh, he kept the storyline going without “rest areas”. His main character Stephanie could have been my neighbor she was so realistic. It is hard to get a writer these days that can keep you interested from start to finish. To keep you guessing all the way on who the bad guys are. Every scene was different than the last and every turn made your heart race. I am elated that this is a book series and I get to go on more roller coaster rides. This is one ride that is worth every penny and worth the wait. I would love to see this as a movie or a television series.



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