REBIRTH BOOK ONE. I sure hope he is working on book two!!!!

This book was not given to me. This is an honest review.
This story was magnificent. I loved how the story started out with Maria’s childhood and it gave her inspiration to become a geneticist. What I loved the best was the mystery Mr. Dailey left behind in the book! The story moved very quickly BUT didn’t leave anything out, well except what is to come in book 2. I was ecstatic that this wasn’t your typical Vampire book as well. It gets old when it’s the same vampire scenario over and over. There was nothing predictable about this book at all. I fell in love with the key characters Maria and Jupiter, that exuberated the love for each other, and the things that they did together. I also like the fact that the love scenes did not go into erotic love scenes, because I feel like they would not have fit into the book. I also will not nit pick over some typos because that has nothing to do with the story.

Here is a child (Maria) who falls in love with a horse that has a genetics problem. She has to have the horse put down and therefore it inspires her to be a geneticist. She is offered the job of a life time with many perks. There are a few quirky characters along the way that some you can’t help but laugh at, some you just hate, some you love and some that you just can’t put your finger on. But the only thing that matters in all this is that they find out how to replicate blood and find a cure. Along the way there is murder, romance, mystery, and some extraordinary surprises.

I can’t wait for book two to come out! This is a must read book if you love mystery and adventure and being swept off your feet. Paranormal world watch out because Corbin Dailey is about to make his mark on you.Corbin


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