New Release – Father Made Me Do It

Discounted for a limited time… only $0.99

It’s the story of vengeance demon, Charm Livingston and her epic adventure to becoming human. In Father Made Me Do It she saves an angel her father, the devil wants dead. The angel helps her discover a book of the underworld that gives instructions to demon ascension. Her first task? Bring Chaos to Mundane City. What she doesn’t know is her family and friends are already on that path. Now she must save the Soul Factory and it’s workers from a terrible fate, take down an evangelist hell bent to disrupt the natural order of things, help her sister, Lovely reunite with her smelly boyfriend, Raleigh, save her best friend Amelia from making a terrible mistake, keep her father happy by taking a leadership role with the furies in order to protect Mundane City and it’s inhabitants, and collect her monthly quota of souls.

There are a ton of laughs, a few sniffles, and a whirlwind of adventure in the pages of this book and for a limited time, in honor of release week, it is only $0.99. One click it today before the price goes up.


pbi case fileIf you like paranormal mysteries with romantic suspense check out my PBI Case Files Series. Book one is Free on Kindle for a limited time. One click it today. Find out how a night of drunken mishaps gets two very human sisters a new job with a covert government agency designed to protect humans from things that go bump in the night.


ghostconnection1If you enjoy ghost mysteries, you’ll love the Ghost Connection series. For a limited time this book is a freebie on Amazon Kindle. One click your copy today.


deathDeath Interrupted, book one of my paranormal dystopian romance series is also free this week on Kindle. It’s the story of what happened to the passengers of a plane that went missing over the pacific ocean. Their lives were stolen and thrust to the future and will be forever changed. One click this highly rated read today. Please note this is one of the few books I’ve written that has two humans in a romance. The paranormal/supernatural aspect of this book is the world around them.


dragonsdreamDragon’s Dream Dancer from the Demon Fairy Tales series is now available for individual sale on Amazon. It’s listed at a great price… $0.99. The story of Trey MacGregor and Kensi McKenna and how these fated mates find each other. He’s a bounty hunter/dragon shifter after her sister. She’s a dream weaver demon out to escape her future as a dream assassin. One click this awesome story today.


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