Go Fund Me


Click here to support Cami Miles https://www.gofundme.com/cami-miles-support support by Heather Abney-Lancaster
Cami and her oldest son, Jakob, were involved in a car accident involving a semi  on Dec 23rd . Jakob had injuries that required surgery and then was released…


One thought on “Go Fund Me”

  1. This is the mother of my Niece Jenna Spangler and Nephew Jakob Spangler. This accident was so severe that Cami ha to be life lined to Indianapolis. She is on a ventilator, she has a broken arm and pelvis. The worst part is she has severe brain damage. She has not been able to able to talk at all. Which is the worst part in my opinion because she has not been able to talk to her six kids, and you know it’s taking a toll on the children! Please share this! I would like for everybody who reads to share it! Lets let the prayers for Cami shine on!

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